Tail of The Dragon – Sep 2014

I told Melissa I wanted us to ride The Tail of The Dragon this weekend and she looked at me like I had a third eye. She was under the impression that we’d be on the Ducati- so after clarification that we’d be on the “Big Bike” she agreed.

Up to this point, I haven’t been impressed with the riding in this area- after all, Arizona is a bike riding paradise. I must say that this ride has totally changed my outlook for day rides in central GA. Our route took us up through mostly back roads lined with farms, antique stores, and road side fruit stands. The fun started just north of I-85 where the corners were deep and the pavement was perfect!Dragon Trip Map

We made it to “The Dragon” after a quick stop at “The Two Wheel Inn” to check in and unload some baggage. Took Melissa out for a Pulled Pork “Sammich” right off the Notorious P.I.G Truck and picked up some Dragon Swag.