The Ural Project

November 19, 2014 – Initial inventory and pics for Holopaw’s take on what I have on my hands.

Fig 01Fig 01 Fig 2Fig 02 Fig 03Fig 03 Fig 04Fig 04
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DSCN1229Fig 21 DSCN1230Fig 22


December 08, 2014 – Talked to Terry from Crawford Sales and he has a 650 he has recently acquired. The issue with this particular bike is that these were tossed together by Ural to meet a contract to support Iraqi oil field workers so they don’t follow a standard build year. I think we christened the name “Frankenural” to this project bike 🙂

Today’s conversation was about a starter (that he has) an alternator (that he may have) and the fuel and intake parts.

The Tank Here’s the one that came in the crate- with the dent and the amount of corrosion, a new tank is going to be the way to go here. The attached petcock is damaged (one of the arms on the Y is broken off). So Terry, gonna need the whole setup.

DSCN1231Fig 23 DSCN1232Fig 24 DSCN1233Fig 25 DSCN1242Fig 26
DSCN1243Fig 27

The Carburetors The K68 carbs are in pretty rough shape and I’m hoping they can be salvaged. I’m totally going to need professional help getting these right. there appears to be a lot of corrosion in the left float chamber (Fig 34). There was corrosion all the way through the throttle cable and into the throttle assembly (Fig 21). Suggestions on how to proceed welcome!

–> PEKAR K-68 Disassembly (

DSCN1238Fig 28 DSCN1237Fig 29 DSCN1236Fig 30 DSCN1235Fig 31
DSCN1246Fig 32 DSCN1245Fig 33 DSCN1249Fig 34 DSCN1248Fig 35

December 10, 2014 -“Don’t put a high-tech ignition on a Russian Tractor Motor” – Bural

Electrical Terry Crawford sent me a wiring harness and a bunch of other accessories for a nominal fee. RidingDonkeys insisted I have the talent to build my own, and that is most probably true, but after doing the math of money over time- this was a great deal. I was going to go eith the PowerArc ignition ($350), but after talking to Bural from SovietSteeds, it was suggested that these bike actually run better with less precise ignition systems. If this was a newer build- then most diffidently go newer ignition, but for a 650 Iraqi Oilfield Bike… go old school.

Fig 36
Fig 37
Fig 38
Fig 39
ural_wiring_diagramFig 40


March 12, 2015 – Mounted the new carbs and the ignition over the past few weeks and was able to get the bike started using the BMW battery wired directly to the ignition on the Ural. I thought it was going to be a tough go- but after about 30 seconds of kicking… it turned right over.

DSCN1276Fig 41 DSCN1278Fig 42 DSCN1279
Fig 43
Fig 44


March 13, 2015 – Started de-rusting the inside of the gas tank today. I also connected the throttle assembly to the carburetors and hooked up the exhaust. Last night I ordered the new handle bar risers and the petcock from Russian Federation- only cost about $20 and $20 shipping… might see them in a month.

The 4′ x 6′ table of parts that comprised all the parts thrown into the crate is almost bare as I have assembled as much of the parts as possible. I have a few parts left that I have NO idea where they go or their purpose… any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Also… any ideas on where to find
this air filter
… also greatly appreciated!
It came from this filter box.
Fig 45
Fig 46



March 18, 2015 – Rear break and center stand assembly… Bural to the white courtesy phone.

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